Bondi Spring Water

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Bondi Beach is home to the one of the world’s oldest surf life saving clubs, if not the oldest. This beautiful beach is the closest to the Sydney city centre (8kms). With the bright sunny days we get in Sydney Australia, even winter days are enjoyable here.

Just 1km long, this south facing beach can attract more than 40,000 visitors on a typical summer weekend.Offering great sunbaking, swimming and great surfing for boards and bodies, the beach is popular with Australians as well as international tourists.

With normal tap water being questioned, natural Spring Water is fast becoming the preferred bottled water and millions of visitors, potential customers, go to Bondi Beach every year. In 2008, Australians consumed approximately 600 megalitres of bottled water. The bottled water industry in Australia is worth approximately $600 million annually.

Bondi Spring Water adds a “brand name” to a fast growing industry. Having more future drinks like vitamin added and other coloured selections this is an opportunity to enter the bottled water market. This is a “start-up”, ground floor opportunity that lends itself to quick value increase and future purchase by a larger company. Supported by a trademark and online presence, a partner, investor or local distributor is sought for this new and exciting business.